Why does ordinary deserve more than elite?

I always believed that ordinary people deserved more than the elite. But what I have analysed is; that political and cultural elites are far more dangerous than market elites; when it comes to ordinary people.

The power of vested interests, which is often cited by socialists; has been vastly exaggerated in allegory to gradual encroachment of socialist dogmas.

Marxism, which tries to reduce economic inequality by increasing political inequality, had always provided an ardent, emotional and inspiring rhetoric to masses. But its actual ground record is very murky. It had costs millions of life under the totalitarian regime of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.

Countries who use to be the exporter of food grains; suddenly start importing food grains to feed their starving population after their agriculture is socialised.

Considering Various Scenarios: 

Even you can clearly see the difference between East and West Berlin; where half city which is controlled by communists is painfully poorer. Despite people from both sides share common race, culture and history.

In Southeast Asia, Myanmar has very high per capita income against Thailand; before Myanmar went socialist. Even if we take the case of India; there is no doubt where India stands before 1991’s economic liberalisation.

Economic insufficiency is one of the worst effects of a socialist government or the so-called welfare state.”

But you will be thinking that, despite the devastating effects of socialism, why people get inveigled in it.

The reason is straightforward. Because in the “Knowledge world” as in anything with words; it is not the victory of most correct but most charming. It is a known fact that talkers are more articulate than doers. Because being talkative is their speciality. And Marxist is master of this art. So the first thing they do is to replace the things that had worked with what sounded good.

Examples (Ordinary Vs Elite):

I give you an example for the above statements.  Political philosopher Raymond Aron sounds uninteresting and looks colourless; despite his predictive abilities and prophetic insights he looks and writes. While his contemporary, Jean-Paul Sartre, who gets just everything wrong about Stalinism, seems radiant, impressive. And even someone compares his nonsense with Voltaire.

Closing keynote:

Thus when social justice worriers talk about such appealing words like “equality”; which is a highly undefined term. And mean wholly different to different people and groups; masses get easily attracted.

Nevertheless, people who primarily deal with ideas socialism remains an attractive idea. In fact, seductive. It is only as a reality; it has been disastrous.