About Us

Cosmo-Intellect is consist of two words; Cosmo+Intellect. Where, “Cosmo” means, “a person who adheres to the idea of cosmopolitanism or should be cosmopolite. Here, blogger suggests and wants to establish a cosmopolis or egalitarian world where all the humans should be equally hunted by giving the shared space for all humanity. Writer wants to define the universe thought as a peaceful and calm system by giving message, and he is trying to connect everything in the universe.

And “Intellect” is inborn wisdom and cognitive skill, which is defined by the mental capacity of an individual which potentially clarifies the mind and control it. An Intellect Mind does not require exploration, judgment, or redundancy. It is the faculty of objectively understanding and reasoning abstract matters.

On the other hand, intelligence is subjective. In short, it’s a canvas to which individuals bring their intellectual, mental, and personal backlogs. Intelligence is knowledge-based and encompasses all mental processes outside logic. It is an individual’s ability to acquire skills and knowledge and apply them. 

Because “Mind” is a flow of thoughts. It collects, visualizes, compares and evaluates ideas, concepts, objects of the external world, etc. The mind can cloud the intellect and swing decisions by emotions rather than logic. Intelligence is a term used to refer to an individual’s ability to acquire and then apply skills and knowledge.

Motto and the Vision of Cosmo-Intellect:

The slogan of the Cosmo-Intellect blogging site is “writing untold stories and burning delusions” defines the overall concept of the blog and the bold & clear intention of the blogger.

It highlights the social, political, economic, cultural and international issues on various dimensions without being biased or getting influenced by any wing or ideology. 

The blogger is trying to disrupt the myths, orthodoxical, unconventional and stereotype approach and thinking to bring awareness and help an individual to think and be a master of his/her own thought, instead of being a slave for someone’s ideology or existence. 

Truth Must Prevail, No Matter What:

Because if anyone who doesn’t take fact seriously in small things cannot be trusted in large ones either. The erroneous or wrong information can be lethal for life. The truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light. And of course, all the facts are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

The blogs are deeply analyzed with the pragmatic, practical facts and figures without getting biased or influenced by anyone. Every article is very well-curated, analyzed with various perspectives by which it can create an impact on any society as a whole. People can make and rely on their future decisions based on more realistic and plausible information and help in transforming society in a global village based on egalitarian concept.

Publishes latest and updated informing and inspirational articles on current happening across the globes related all significant topics on international, social, political and economic issues gives you a better understanding of the real contemporary realm of the world. 

Cosmo-Intellect Keynote and Takeaway:

Make your own footprints, pursue your passion, think with your intellect mind.

Be Excellent, not be the Best. Be Logical and Spiritual, not be Faithfull and Religious

Humanity is excellent and the most significant ideology, whereas leftist, rightist, liberal, secular, communal and the like, blind faith in religion are the most idiotic and hilarious things that can ever exist on the planet. 

About Blogger:

Sachindra Vikram Singh is a blogger who highlights current global issues. His microblogging site Cosmo-Intellect is top-rated on Google and Social Media, which highlights the social, political, economic and international affairs. He is famous for his unbiased thinking and blunt attitude. He believes, “a society should be equally hunted”.

He is a well-known columnist and writer whose advice features in Times of India, The Economic Times, Your Story Media and many other prestigious print and digital media channels. 

Sachindra is a Co-Founder and Chief-Editor of The Blue Oceans Group and Your Travelling Story.

Catch him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CosmoIntellect